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Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 41st of Discord, 3190.

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This is my quotes repository. All the quotes and phrases that get my attention will be here. I've taken them from books, TV, the 'net, "fortune" (that silly thing at the bottom of the page), movies, friends, and work. You can find the most intriguing thought in the most unlikely places.

I've tried to "catagorise" them to some degree. It's not easy! Is something Philosophical? Political? Both? If a philosopher says something funny, is it still philosophical? Of course, the answer to all this is "sometimes". And to make things worse, I built this website and database myself, so it's quite imperfect, like me (but loveable, like me!). Some things are marked funny when they're not, some scientific when they're not, etc.

I will be updating the database as quotes come in, it's an ongoing project. I hope you find something worth while here :-)

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