Dark Steve

Let me taste, let me feel, I need to know what you keep inside...
- Opeth, "By the Pain I See in Others"


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Today is Setting Orange, the 54th of Confusion, 3190.


Hi, welcome to my site.

This is a personal (vanity?) project that I set up to teach myself a little about programming and also so I'd have something tinker with in my spare time. It's kinda grown from what I first intended it to be. I'm not much of a programmer, but the tinkering has grown in leaps and bounds over the years.

This site is now the face of the server, a portal to the services it provides. My little underpowered server now provides services such as (at the time of writing) email and webmail, other web services, cloud services, Mozilla Sync services, DNS, DHCP, Dictionary (Dict) services, SQL database services, files serving, blogging services, and more, all secured via TLS from my spare bedroom (thanks Let's Encrypt!).

I'm trying to preserve my old obsolete sites as best I can, and I've linked to them on lefthand menu of this page. This site is always changing and growing (though most changes are not publicly available). It was originally going to be my face to the world, but instead it's become a way for me to organise and serve myself, which is a lot more rational way to run a server when you don't have any content aimed at the general public.

Many parts of this site are password protected as they're intended to serve me and me alone, but a couple of components are available for general browsing for the time being. I hope nothing breaks for you ;-)

End of line. -Steve

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